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Easy Jelly Cake With Fruits Recipe

This jelly cake with fruits will not leave indifferent any sweet tooth! Its preparation will take time, but worth it!

Soft and airy sponge cake, delicate coolness of Jell-o, juicy fruit – this cake is a delight for dessert lovers. It is relevant and in the winter when the body lacks vitamins, and in the summer, when heavy desserts to eat is not very desirable. Variants of jelly cakes invented a lot, we will tell a very interesting version.

This jelly cake is difficult to prepare. There is a sponge cake and butter cream, and a layer of jelly, and fruit filled jello. In General, learning how to make jelly cake, you will easily be able to make a more simple version of the dessert.

How to make jelly cake with fruits

In a large bowl break 2 eggs, add 60g of sugar and whisk until white mass should increase in volume by 3-4 times, then gradually add 25g of flour (2-2,5 tbsp) biscuit dough knead it gently from the bottom up slowly with a wooden stick.

In a baking pan biscuit to lay out the parchment paper, gently pour the dough, put the form in heated to 120 degree oven, bake 15 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 110 degrees and bake the cake for another 5-7min, then subtract another 10 degrees and bake the same.

To check the biscuit readiness with a wooden toothpick – if it comes out of the center of the sponge cake without crumbs adhering, so he is ready.

Of the remaining eggs, sugar and flour in a similar way to prepare the second cake, after the second cake from the form did not get it.

For impregnation mix sugar, water and cognac, bring to a boil and cook until the sugar dissolves, remove from heat, allow to cool.

Pour gelatin into a saucepan, pour ½ Cup cold water, stir with a spoon for 20 min and leave to swell.

With sugar, whip cream or sour cream (the product must be at room temperature), the gelatin melt on the lowest heat, stirring constantly, remove from the heat, to enter the whipped cream/sour cream.

Soak the remaining in the form of the cake brandy impregnation (3-St.l.), the sides of the form should cover with foil, pour over a sponge cake impregnated in the form of 1 Cup butter, jelly, to smooth (if it’s heavily frozen – heat), put it in the refrigerator.

One bag of your favorite jelly to make according to the instructions on the packet of jelly, but adding less liquid (if you specify add, for example, 2 cups of boiling water – add 1), to give the jelly to cool to 35-37 degrees, pour over the cake, taking it out of the fridge, on top of a layer of jelly cream, again put it in the fridge.

When lemon jelly hardens, the top to lay the second cake, impregnate over the surface of the brandy impregnation.

Frozen butter jelly slightly to melt on the stove on very low heat, a continuous layer pour over the cake, smooth it with a spoon.

To clear all the fruit, slice the kiwi and strawberries – mugs, orange disassembled into slices, grapes, and cherries/cherry cut from the twigs.

When the jelly layer of cream on the second sponge cake hardens, spread it on fruits as in the photo.To prepare jelly from the second bag is better if it is transparent (citric, for example), pour over fruit, put into the refrigerator and, when the jelly hardens within 1 to 2 hours, carefully remove the cake from the mould (better if it is split), place it on a flat dish.

To beautifully decorate sides of cake mix condensed milk with softened butter, put cream in a pastry syringe decorate the cake, transplant the cream from the syringe on the sides.

To remove the cake in the cold for another 4-5hours to full impregnation and curing.

Good cooking!Friends, have you ever prepared such a jelly cake with fruits? If you cook, please share with us in comments your recipes for this cake.

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