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Servings: 4

Weight Watcher Smart Points: 4

Preparation Time: 0 Minutes

Cooking Time: 0 Minutes

Ready In: 45 Minutes


  • 4 cups broccoli (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 medium potato, peeled, cut into one inch pieces
  • 2 ounces of raw cashews (optional)
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 4 cups vegetable stock or water


  1. If using fresh broccoli, remove and discard tough lower stalk, and peel remaining stalk
  2. Chop stalk and florets into small pieces
  3. I like to eliminate all unnecessary fats from my cooking, so I sauté my onions without oil
  4. To do that, simply heat a few spoonfuls of water in a heavy pot over medium heat
  5. Add onion and sweat until soft and translucent, about 6-8 minutes (you may need to cover the pot to keep water from evaporating and prevent burning)
  6. Add water or vegetable stock, broccoli, potato, and some salt and bring to a boil
  7. Reduce heat and simmer until vegetables are very tender, about 15-20 minutes
  8. Remove soup from heat and save a few florets for garnish
  9. Purée with a hand-held blender until smooth
  10. Or, working in batches, transfer to a standing blender to puree
  11. Never fill your blender more than 1/2 full
  12. Also, remove the center cup on the two-part lid and cover the opening with a kitchen towel to allow hot air to escape and prevent pressure from building up
  13. Hold the lid down tightly with a towel
  14. Return the soup to the pot and season to taste
  15. To make cashew cream (optional step), blend 2 ounces of raw cashews with about 1/2 cup water in high-powered blender until very smooth, and pour into the soup
  16. Bring to boil
  17. To serve, put a few tablespoons of quinoa into each serving bowl and pour the soup over
  18. Garnish with broccoli florets or fresh dill or parsley
  19. This recipe serves 2-4, depending on the portion size (side dish versus main dish).

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